Our Most Popular Blog-Posts All In One Place

We appreciate your feedback about the website. Some of you have said it is quite hard to find what you are looking for. Therefore we have placed all our most popular blog posts here. Enjoy!


  1. Why Children Should Be Encouraged To Only Ever Use Phonics As A Helpful Friend.
  2. Want To Make Reading Friends & Influence People? Use This Reading For Pleasure Article
  3. Changing DEAR For The Better: Reflecting On This Term’s Reading
  4. Parent & TA Guide To Listening To Reading & Making Comments
  5. The Four Week Reading Programme
  6. The Year 5 ‘Rights Of A Child Reader’ Guide.

Teaching Writing:

  1. Our Real-World Literacy Approach To Writing
  2. Introducing Our Genre Booklets To The Class & Their Impact.
  3. #WritingRocks_17
  4. How To Have Children Writing Independent ‘Assessable’ Pieces Everyday
  5. What If Almost Everything We Thought About The Teaching Of Writing Was Wrong?
  6. Meeting Children Where They Are: Using Pupil Conferencing To Replace After-The-Event Written Feedback.
  7. A Functional Grammar Table: CPD Subject Knowledge With A Difference
  8. Why The Use Of Writing Stimuli & Book Planning Are Damaging Children’s Writing Potential.
  9. How We Created Self-Regulating Writers & The Improvements We Have Seen
  10. The Sea Of Writing Ideas: 10 Ways We Got Children Choosing Their Own Topics.
  11. If In Doubt, Circle It Out! How To Create A Class Of Independent Spellers
  12. Teaching The Writing Process Is The Best Way To Improve Children’s Writing
  13. What The Research Says: The 13 Most Effective Ways To Improve Children’s Writing
  14. They Won’t Have Anything To Write About: The Dangers Of Believing Pupils Are ‘Culturally Deprived’
  15. Talk-For-Writing Is Excellent But Does It Go Far Enough?
  16. The 29 Rights Of The Child Writer
  17. Is The Trick In The Publishing? Reflecting On Why The Children Are Writing With Such Care & Attention
  18. What The EEF’s ‘Improving Literacy in Key Stage Two’ Report Tells Us About Teaching Writing Effectively.
  19. Time For Reflection: The Three Major Approaches To Teaching Writing And Their Limitations
  20. What Is Writing? Why Do We Write?

Writing Topics

  1. Give A Class ‘One’ Book To Write Through And You’ve Taught Them For A Day. Teach Them How To Use ‘Any’ Book And You’ve Taught Them For A Lifetime
  2. Children Writing Memoir : A Great Literacy Topic
  3. Bored With Your Pretend Journalism Topic? Have Children Writing Real Advocacy Journalism Instead!


  1. Books That Change Writing-Teachers
  2. In Teaching Writing – How Important Is It That Teachers Be Writers Too?
  3. ‘All Children Can Write’ A Tribute To Donald Graves
  4. Are You A ‘Teacher Writer’ Or A ‘Writer Teacher’ And Why Does It Matter?

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