About Books

Willy the wimp – Anthony Browne

Weak little willy the chimp stands up to the vicious Buster Nose. Socially received ideas are dismantled here, and the opposite put in place.


Where the wild things are? – Maurice Sendak

A much discussed picture book in which angry Max takes a voyage and becomes king of the wild things for a time. The text goes deep into a child’s psychology. Is Max’s room a site for time out from his anger/ his ‘shadow-side’ / the behaviours expected from him by adults?

Going west – Martin Waddell

Tells of a family’s trek west across America in search of a new home. The very pared-down text describes danger, death and new life and hope.


The Roof-toppers – Katherine Rundell *Special Child Review*

The Roof-toppers is a perfect book for people who like a good adventure and a pleasant night in bed with a cup of tea, really, in short, this book is is essential! I mean it! So go to your nearest book shop and purchase it now! It is written by amazing author Katherine Rundell and is commented on by world famous Phillip Pullman and Jacqueline Wilson!

It is about a girl called Sophie who was orphaned at a shipwreck as a baby and a kind man called Charles Maxim takes her in. Other citizens are certain her mother died, but Sophie is sure she is still alive. She meets Matteo a boy who lives in the sky and climbs tightropes along with many other roof-topper children. In fact, a whole community. They’re off  together to find her mother across the rooftops…

I am really enjoying reading this and I hope this book will please many more children like me across the globe. – By Uma (Aged 11)


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