Books For Any Primary Classroom

Books For Any & Every Primary Classroom

Books To Feed The Habit – Are They In Your Classroom?

  • Wide range of picture books
  • Fairytales, myths, fables, folktales,
  • Dual language
  • Comic-strip format, graphic texts, comics
  • Joke books
  • Poetry
  • Newspaper

Fiction: Quick reads, longer reads, classics, modern classics, new writing.

Broad categories/genres:

  • Humerous
  • Animals (talking – or not)
  • Adventure /mystery /spy
  • Fantasy/ magic
  • Historical/ time-slip
  • Family & friends
  • Science fiction

Avoid stereotypes of race, gender, class.

Include Stories set in different parts of the world, books which reflect diverse social, cultural and linguistic backgrounds. AND (importantly): children’s own published texts.

Non-fiction: Reference books, autobiography, information, catalogues, instruction manuals, magazines.