This website is now archived. We have moved to our shiny new website at: http://www.writing4pleasure.com Please come and join us there.

We offer a wide variety of high-quality and research-rich CPD and conference talks both nationally and internationally. This includes teacher workshops and embedded school residences. We value our long-term and close affiliations with schools and other stakeholders. This means that we, like the schools we work with, share a longstanding commitment to embedded school CPD and providing pleasurable, satisfying and effective writing teaching. For more information on becoming one of our school affiliates, please email us at literacyforpleasure@gmail.com

School Residencies

When we do residencies in schools, we will visit for several days to work with senior-leadership, teachers and children. Over the course of the week, we provide after-school teacher workshops, teacher mentoring and will teach exemplar lessons for teachers to observe. We spend a lot of time observing and mentoring teachers in their classrooms and provide each teacher with their own summary report. Once the residency is over, we encourage schools to engage in action-research and to work on their own examples of practice. We ensure we maintain contact with our school affiliates over the long-term and continue to make ourselves available to staff who need us without extra cost. We see this as embedded CPD and is based on what research tells us is the most effective type of teacher development.

Spring, Summer & Autumn Institutes

Dates for 2020

We have created our out of term-time institutes so that teachers can come together and enjoy a ‘working holiday’ learning about different aspects of teaching writing and can network and enjoy the company of like minded colleagues. We have found that these ‘working holidays’ can be particularly attractive to schools who are committed to improving children’s writing experiences and outcomes but may have limited budgets. We have found that senior leadership teams are very willing to pay or heavily subsidise teachers’ participation in these institutes.

Teacher Workshops

In terms of workshops, we can do half, whole-day or multi-day workshops on one or more of the topics listed below. Throughout these fast-paced sessions, we draw upon our own research, case-studies of the best performing teachers and our own classroom experiences as teachers and staff developers to create genuinely enjoyable but also utterly useful and practical experiences for teachers. Our participants always leave with new understandings about the teaching of writing and have a host of strategies and techniques they can implement in their classrooms the next day and beyond. Again, once these workshops are over, teachers are offered the opportunity to become teacher affiliates and so access our continued support to schools and teachers remotely without extra cost.

  1. Growing a whole school of extraordinary writers: teaching writing effectively (day inset or week+ mentoring)
  2. Mentor training: developing an exceptional teacher of writing (week+)
  3. How to teach grammar effectively: grammar through authentic use (half day)
  4. How to plan authentic and exciting class writing projects (half day)
  5. Children using literature and teaching writing (half day)
  6. Authentic and purposeful writing across the curriculum (half day)
  7. Developing children’s vocabulary through the writers’ craft (half day)
  8. Meeting children where they are: giving effective feedback (half day)
  9. Nurturing greater depth writers and supporting inexperienced or reluctant writers (half day)

Keynotes And Conference Workshops

  1. What is it Writing For Pleasure teachers do that makes the difference?
  2. What does the research say about the effective teaching of writing?
  3. Teaching and writing memoir with children.
  4. Helping children generate ideas for class writing projects.
  5. How to transform your classroom into a writing workshop.

Please contract us at: literacyforpleasure@gmail.com for enquiries.

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