We offer a wide variety of high-quality and research-rich CPD and conference talks both nationally and internationally.

  1. Teaching writing effectively across the school: research informed practice (day inset or week mentoring)
  2. Mentor training: developing an exceptional teacher of writing (week)
  3. How to teach grammar effectively: grammar through authentic use (half day)
  4. How to plan authentic and exciting class writing projects (half day)
  5. Teaching children to use their reading in their writing (half day)
  6. Developing children’s vocabulary through the writers’ craft (half day)
  7. Meeting children where they are: giving effective feedback (half day)
  8. Creating greater depth writers and supporting inexperienced or reluctant writers (half day)

Keynote and conference workshops:

  1. What is it Writing For Pleasure teachers do that makes the difference?
  2. What does the research say about the effective teaching of writing?
  3. Teaching and writing memoir with children.
  4. Helping children generate ideas for class writing projects.
  5. How to transform your classroom into a writing workshop.

Please contract us at: literacyforpleasure@gmail.com for enquiries.


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