The Primary Language Record

Reading Record-keeping: How Are You Doing It?

Struggling with what to write in reading record books?

For an immediate comment to be made in the home/school reading record book, here are some suggestions you can definitely focus on:

Attitude & Style:

Does the child read with: Pleasure, enthusiasm, commitment, involvement, interest, ease, expression, fluency, confidence, stamina, understanding, rhythm, appreciation, independence, pace?

Has the child made comments about: theme, humour, own response – if so, what?

Is the child willing/keen to talk about books with you, share/recommend them to other children?


Is there any difficulty experienced with choice? Does the child choose confidently? Has the child got firm favourites, definite preferences, favourite authors, favourite genres? Does the child have any idea of what to read next?


Does the child use several strategies at once? Or does the child over-rely on one?

  • Does the child read for meaning or sense?
  • Does he/she self-correct?
  • Have a “re-run” of some sentences?,
  • Read on and then go back and fill in?
  • Does the child use context or pictures to predict what is coming?
  • Does the child pay attention to word-structure, letters – and to structure of language?
  • Is the child progressing, developing, becoming more fluent and confident?

The Primary Language Record

First devised in the late 1980’s, the Primary Language Record gives teachers a framework for recording their ongoing observations of children’s talking, reading and writing. It is cumulative record of progress in literacy, and its special value is its ‘grassroots’ quality, since it included not only teachers’ and importantly children’s own assessments of their development as readers and writers. It is invaluable both as a long-term assessment of progress and as a basis for immediate forward planning. It’s also very user-friendly.
You are more than welcome to download my own version of it HERE.


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