GUEST BLOG: The future is make believe by Laura Hamm

Image result for laura hammThe Future Is Make Believe

I don’t remember much of primary school. But I have never forgotten the feeling of pride and delight at having my stories turned into books at school.

I started Fabled to capture that feeling, to help kids create and share their tales. I created the web app, aimed at home use (though I love seeing it in schools!) for the joy of it, for the 8 year old still in me. But 18 months of running it has turned me into a zealot for your cause – Literacy For Pleasure matters now more than ever.

I had a podcast, a newsletter, social media – but none of it felt enough. I wanted to shout far louder about why kids’ storytelling matters. And that’s why I’ve just launched a Kickstarter to publish a beautiful book of kid-authored tales – we’re calling the book, and the movement, The Future Is Make Believe. And it needs your help – spread the word, and please send me your kids stories ( – there’s room in the anthology, the podcast, and anywhere I have space I’ll be celebrating kids writing!

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