#WritingRocks Summary: The Tidy House

This is the June’s #WritingRocks chat summary on the topic of The Tidy House by Carolyn Steedman. Enjoy!

Thank you to Nicola at the @TheWritingWeb as always for her great work and commitment to organising and sharing these #WritingRocks chats.

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The Tidy House first came out in 1982. The book The Tidy House was written as a group effort by Carla, Lindie and Melissa, three 8 year old schoolgirls in East London who their teacher, Carolyn Steedman taped. In her book Carolyn discusses the children’s writing processes and motivations for writing what they wrote.

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Writing For Pleasure Practice: Creating Class Publishing Houses

Having read Back & Forth: Using An Editor’s Mindset To Improve Student Writing by Lee Heffernan, I was inspired to create a class publishing house in my own classroom. This is a recount of how I went about it.

We are now about half way through the academic year and the children are settling into the idea that they can of publish personal writing projects into the class library. Writing is being undertaken at home and is also making its way into the class library. Children are increasingly talking about writing and are writing collaboratively too. Confidence has been built and a sense of writer-identity has been established. The children are beginning to believe they are writers and that they have many things to say and share with each other.  

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