The Genre-Booklets Centre

The Genre-Booklets Centre

We are pleased to announce that our popular Genre-Booklets will be becoming completely free to view!

Click here – to find out what they are, how they were made, why they work so well in the classroom and why they needed to be made.

Soon you’ll find the complete list below but for now we have made just our most popular ones available.

Once you’ve clicked a Booklet, you’ll be taken to its Genre page. Here you will see a link to view the Genre-Booklet and you’ll also see lots of excellent examples written by us and the children in our class.

It is here that we’d like you to submit any examples you (as a writing teacher) or the children in your class have written! These can be examples which show:

  1. How the Genre-Booklet has been used really well,
  2. How a child (or you) have deliberately gone away from the conventions of the booklet and produced something innovative, interesting or different.

There are two reasons why we are asking for you to do this:

  1. Because we love promoting teachers becoming writing-teachers!
  2. We’d like to create a bank of exemplars that all our children can be inspired by and use as mentor texts.

We hope you enjoy them and happy writing!

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