Real-World Writers

‘Real-World Writers has been a fantastic resource as we redesign our English teaching’.

‘Genius and obvious at the same time’.

‘I feel like you are giving structure to what I’ve always known is the correct way to teach writing. Thank you’.

Real-World Writers is our research-based approach to teaching writing effectively.

What Is The Real-World Writers Approach?

It is based on four interrelated practices. You’ll teach about different genres through class writing projects. Together, you and the children learn about and discuss the purpose and audiences for a particular genre, look at how writers have crafted it effectively and generate ideas for how you want to use it for yourselves.

Alongside this focus on genre, functional grammar lessons give learners explicit instruction in the various linguistic resources they can use to make their writing clear. The lessons show children how and why they use particular grammatical items in the context of their real writing, rather than through the completing of exercises.

Writing study provides you with the means of engaging children in critical analysis of all aspects of the writing process. The knowledge and skills developed in these learning opportunities form the basis of the writing workshop, which is the central part of the curriculum. The writing workshop encompasses: generating ideas, dabbling, planning, drafting, revising, editing, publishing and performing. Children are encouraged to learn valuable writing lessons but also to take the lead in their own writing development.

Alongside these class writing projects, they are also given freedom to pursue personal writing projects, using their new understanding of genre and grammar to create their own accomplished pieces and publish them through their own publishing houses for others to enjoy.

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