What I Can Provide

I provide training, CPD, advice & resources in the following:

Improving standards and enjoyment of reading for teachers and pupils school-wide.

Including training & resources in: ‘book talk’, the ‘bedtime-reading’ model, creating parent partnerships, primary language records, quality assessment, book-lists, multi-strategy approach to teaching reading, teaching beyond phonics, 4-week reading programme – to improve standards in reading, making progress with SEN & G&T readers.

Improving standards and enjoyment of writing for teachers and pupils school-wide.

Including training & resources in: ‘Talk-4-Writing’, process or ‘free’ writing, poetry writing, teaching of fairy-tales, myths & legends, using high-quality literature in topic work to produce great writing, children as ‘published’ authors, becoming a ‘writing’ school, making progress with SEN & G&T writers.  

Provide training in effective use of assessment for both reading and writing – which teachers will enjoy.

Assessment without levels, primary language records, school-parent partnerships, assessing reading & writing holistically. 

Assess book stocks & school environments to help promote reading and writing for pleasure. 

Provide targeted book-lists, ideas for reading & writing spaces.

Here are some of the things I’ve been involved in:

  • Have written materials to accompany Schools’ Television literacy programmes.
  • Carrying out INSETs – focusing on aspects of reading & writing.
  • Have worked as SENCO, helping children with literacy difficulties.
  • Have contributed to working groups on reading at the University of Brighton.
  • Have a wide knowledge of excellent books for children of all abilities – I have a strong belief in the importance of a good text in helping both children with reading difficulties & reluctant readers.
  • Have worked in a specialist children’s book shop.
  • Have completed an MA in Children’s Literature at Roehampton
  • Have contributed to book lists produced by CLPE (Centre for Language in Primary Education – London). 

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