We are delighted to announce our new Twitter page: @WritingRocks_17

Each month we will get together on twitter and either:

  • Select questions for writers, teachers and/or TAs to discuss together. Hopefully, we will share ideas and solutions, but maybe raise a few questions, too!
  • Alternatively, we will invite children’s authors to discuss their writing process or see what we can learn from other professional writers across many fields.
  • We are also looking for quest curators to lead some sessions – if you’re an expert on something and this would interest you either email us at literacyforpleasure@gmail.com or tweet us at @WritingRocks_17 or @lit4pleasure

If you have a question related to writing with children aged 3 – 11 years old, be it about the teaching of writing or encouraging writing for pleasure or how you can be more of a ‘writing teacher’ you can ask it via our form at the bottom of this page.

You can view the #WritingRocks_17 schedule here.

Finally, we are considering running an online CPD day where we can use GoogleDocs and Twitter together to create a rich writing experience for people in the comfort of their own home! So look out for that!

Thank you for your contributions.

Remember if you’d like to get in touch, have things retweeted or ask questions related to writing you can use our @WritingRocks_17 handle.