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Hello! We hope you’ll join our warm and welcoming special interest group: @WritingRocks_17

You can view the #WritingRocks schedule below. Put the dates and times in your diary, we hope you can join us!

This year, we have chosen some of the key research that underpins The Writing for Pleasure Manifesto to inform our monthly #WritingRocks chats.  In the run up each scheduled chat, we will post key themes and findings from the research to promote initial #WritingForPleasure discussions on Twitter.  By engaging in these discussions, we will formulate four / five key questions that will structure the monthly Wednesday night #WritingRocks chats.

How It Works: 

  • Our chats run for around an hour, starting at 8pm.
  • Across the hour, we post four questions using the hashtag #WritingRocks.
  • To discuss the question simply reply or use the #WritingRocks hashtag.
  • Any questions that you want to ask will also be retweeted out.
  • If you want to show off some good practice or anything you’ve written simply send it to us by using our handle @WritingRocks_17
  • You can submit a question for discussion here.
  • If you’d like to be a quest author or curator, please email us at literacyforpleasure@gmail.com

You Can Take Part Any Time:

If you have a question related to writing with children aged 3 – 11 years old, be it about the teaching of writing or encouraging writing for pleasure or how you can be more of a ‘writing teacher’ you can simply ask the community by writing a tweet to our handle @WritingRocks_17 or by using the hashtag #WritingRocks. We will get it and send it out to the community to respond. We are all really nice!

Here is the #WritingRocks schedule for 2019:

Wednesday 13th March 8pm:

In our first #WritingRocks chat of the year, we invite you to discuss strategies that support young writers and the challenges they face during the writing process.

  1. How can we support writers during the prewriting stage of the writing process?
  2. How can we support writers during the drafting stage of the writing process?
  3. How can we support writers during the revising stage of the writing process?
  4. How can we support writers during the editing stage of the writing process?
  5. How can we support writers during the publishing stage of the writing process?

Wednesday 17th April 8pm: Joining the Literacy Club (1998) Frank Smith SUMMARY HERE


Wednesday 15th May 8pm: Writing: Teachers and Children at Work (1983) Donald Graves


Wednesday 26th June 8pm: The Tidy House: Little Girls’ Writing (1983) Carolyn Steedman SUMMARY HERE


Wednesday 21st August 8pm: The Writing Teacher’s Companion (2017) Ralph Fletcher

Image result for writer teachers companion fletcher

Wednesday 18th September 8pm: Did I Hear You Write? (1989) Michael Rosen


Wednesday 16th October 8pm: How Texts Teach What Readers Learn (1998) Margaret Meek

Image result for How Texts Teach What Readers Learn

Wednesday 20th November 8pm: Writing Voices: Creating Communities of Writers (2011) Teresa Cremin & Debra Myhill


Wednesday 18th December 8pm: Writing for Pleasure


Below are the write ups from previous #WritingRocks chats:


  1. Thursday 20th April 2017 (8pm) What Is Writing & Why Do We Write?
  2. Thursday 18th May (8pm) The Primary Assessment Consultation
  3. Thursday 25th May (8pm) The 10 Rights Of The Child Writer.
  4.  Thursday 25th May (8pm)  Writer Teacher Or Teacher Writer?
  5. Thursday 14th September (8pm) Writing For Pleasure
  6. Monday 13th November (8pm) Building Communities Of Writers
  7. Monday 4th December (8pm) How To Ensure Every Child Feels Like A Writer
  8. Monday 15th January (8pm) Reading, Sharing And Talking About Writing
  9. Monday 5th February (8pm) Planning Purposeful & Authentic Writing Projects (with special curator @TheWritingWeb)!
  10. Monday 26th February (8pm) Writing Examples As A Writer-Teacher (with special curator @Write_Example
  11. Monday 12th March (8pm) Explicitly Teaching The Writing Processes
  12. Monday 16th April (8pm) Scaffolding New Learning And Setting Writing Goals


From the outset, we would like to propose that #WritingRocks’ purpose is not to advocate for nor prescribe a certain theoretical or ideological stance on the best way to teach English. We wish to welcome all practitioners who are looking at the potential for a ‘Writing For Pleasure’ pedagogy.  Therefore, please share practical ways by which teachers and schools can improve children’s motivation and outcomes in literacy. Let us together try and harness theoretical ideas and research which may shed some light on the practical challenges faced by schools, teachers and children more widely and tentatively provide potential reflections and possible solutions to these ideas and most importantly – make writing rock!

Thank you for your contributions.

Remember if you’d like to get in touch, have things retweeted or ask questions related to writing you can use our @WritingRocks_17 handle.


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